Get Bag Fit!

Andre Galvao ADCC 2011 Champion Open Weight Division and Under 88kg

Andre Galvao, the ADCC 2011 Open Weight Division and Under 88kg Champion, details his training strategy for defeating Rousimar Palhares in this great video. This is a great testimonial to the benefits of Bulgarian Bag training coupled with a solid strength conditioning program to achieve remarkable results under the direction of Coach Nave. Congratulations, Andre!

New Movement: The Hammer Spin

Challenge your grip even more with the Hammer Spin! This video provides a detailed description to add variety and challenge to your Bulgarian Bag workouts.

NEW MOVEMENT: The Warrior Spin

IBBC BBS Giannicola Ruggieri shows off exquisite technique with the Warrior Spin. You’ll notice he’s utilizing momentum to his advantage through his lateral movement. This incorporates an excellent lower body component into an already challenging upper body exercise. This Spin variation will challenge your grip even further than the standard spin.

BBS Stuart Amory offer the UK’s Daily Mail Online a taste of what it means to Get Bag Fit

BBS Stuart Armory provided Sarah Fitzmaurice, a staff writer at UK’s Daily Mail Online, an introduction to the versatile Bulgarian Bag. Fitness review: Getting into the swing of things with the Bulgarian Bag By Sarah Fitzmaurice As an active individual always on the lookout for new ways to workout I was intrigued when I heard [...]

Fight Conditioning with Andrew Galvao and Spartan Training Gear: Increasing Anaerobic Capacity

A friend of mine from TacFit, Alberto Gallazzi, who I worked while I was in Italy this summer introduced me to Marc Joseph and Spartan Training Gear.  This amazing training gear  is a lightweight, full-body padded suit designed for use during force-on-force encounters, scenario-replication drills, self-protection and traditional martial arts training. I have been experimenting [...]

Being Prepared for Your Training Session

“Now this is showing up prepared!”