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BBS Spotlight on Rob Blair

June 13th 2011

There are many tools out there in the health and fitness industry and most of us at some stage have bought equipment that does not stand the test of time, does not live up to the hype or simply put…Is a bulls**t piece of kit!

I personally train clients around London and have developed some fairly intense ‘Commando Fitness classes’ to spice things up and get the body working as one multi-functioning capable unit.

The Bulgarian training bag has exceeded my expectations and delivered the real deal to my clients.

In a world that is dominated with trends and fads the Bulgarian training bag stands out from the crowd and continually drives positive ‘adaptive’ changes to all that use it. I am not a massive fan of promoting products but this is one band wagon I am happy to jump on.

I was one of the first Bulgarian Bag instructors in the UK and since then I have encouraged two other Personal trainers to take the BBS course with Steve Nave. They now have their own bags and their clients are blasting themselves around the parks and green spaces (not a problem when they seem to be built by Bulgarian terminators!!…never looking close to breaking, splitting or un-stitching)

Steve and Ivan have a great partnership, continually updating and informing the Bulgarian Bag community with the latest ‘Hot topics’ concerning the application of these tools.

In a world that hard sells and then under-delivers…they both stand out as shining examples of how Businesses (And fitness professionals) SHOULD hold themselves within this industry.

I will always have space for the Bags (Or bags of pain as some of my clients fondly refer to them :) in my training sessions and look forward to continuing my education with them (and the BB team) in the future

Mighty regards,
Commando Rob


Rob Blair was in the first BBS Certification we conducted in London. During that inaugural course, he crushed the Spin Test using the 37lb bag in 3:19!  Fast forward to the present, and you’ll now find him as part of that talented group of fitness professionals in the UK who has taken advantage of the the tremendous benefits of the Bulgarian Bag.  Rob has integrated this outstanding tool into an already thriving personal training business that leverages his military background and strong fitness acumen using a wide variety of modalities to whip his clients into shape and allow them to achieve outstanding results while training with a purpose. Check out this great video that showcases his unique style!

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One Response to BBS Spotlight on Rob Blair

  1. June 16, 2011 at 6:46 am David Evans

    Hi, so good to see this IBBC endorsement of Rob Blair. I have been a regular client of his for the past 2+ years. He has totally transformed my life and fitness, not least with the fantastic Bulgarian bags (of which I have personally bought two from him and even converted my partner to them!) For those of you in London who like the sort of fitness regime Rob offers, I can guarantee this: you will NEVER find better! David

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