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BFit San Diego Review of the Bulgarian Bag, Part 1

August 2nd 2011

I recently had the opportunity to work with Shay McKelvey.  She’s the founder of BFitSanDiego, and is also an exercise physiologist and registered nurse, and she wanted to go through a Bulgarian Bag workout.  She came to me through a referral from some friends of hers who had worked with me previously.  Naturally, I jumped at the chance to introduce her to the Bulgarian Bag.

Shay is outside of my typical client base (i.e. not a world class athlete), but since the bag has so many applications to a wide range of demographics, health, and fitness goals, I enjoyed giving her an intro to this versatile tool.  When she showed up, my first impression was that she was in better shape than I had expected.  But as we all know, the Bulgarian Bag can make even the strong tremble.  Usually in a situation like this, especially for someone who is evaluating the product, I feel they really need to get a taste of the intensity, the challenge, and the heart-pounding joy of working with the Bulgarian Bag.  We covered the three foundational movements (Spin, Power Snatch, and Arm Throw).  These movements are unique to the bag and are hard to duplicate with other tools.  As expected, there’s a learning curve to acquiring any new skill, and yes, we saw some of the most common mistakes in full force during this introductory session.  Now, don’t get me wrong, Shay picked up the movements much quicker than 90% of the people I work with.  But nonetheless, when acquiring a new skill that requires someone to perform loaded, dynamic movements in a tri-planar environment, even the best will be challenged.

At the end of the session, Shay had reached her goal. She got a taste of what it means to be Bag Fit and the material she needed to write up a great review. Check it out here:

The Bulgarian Bag…And I Don’t Mean Your Grandmother!





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