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Bulgarian Bag Applications for Tactial and MMA Athletes in Ulta FIT Magazine

August 14th 2011

Ultra FIT is Australia’s leading magazine for both fitness industry professionals and male & female athletes of all types who are serious about improving their fitness.  I recently had the pleasure of having a six-page article published in the July 2011 edition, which was the world’s first dedicated magazine issue addressing the specialized fitness requirements of those men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the quality of life for their country - our Tactical Athletes.

The issue is packed full of concepts, systems and programs that can be applied to all fitness professionals in the pursuit of greater strength, speed, agility and cardiovascular performance, and my article takes a broad sweep of the applications of training with the Bulgarian Bag for both the tactical and MMA athlete.  Having had extensive experience with tactical athletes as a Navy SEAL and working with world-class combat athletes, I believe these two types of athletes have similar demands placed on them physically and mentally.  Some topics I cover include the broad application of training with the Bulgarian Bag; reinforcing an operational skill set; remaining injury free; portability – key to usability and sustained fitness; functional movement patterns; and more!

The original leather Bulgarian Bags are tough and can take a beating. They won’t rust, won’t roll on the deck of a ship or the back of a truck, and don’t need to be attached or secured to anything for usability.”

Experiencing Flow

Another key point in the article is the concept of “flow.”  Many of us have experienced flow inherently at some point in our lives without understanding the concept, and in the article I provide a deeper understanding of how Bulgarian Bag training can facilitate the flow experience. If you want to learn more about flow and how to incorporate it into your life and training, add this indispensable book to your library: “Flow in Sports” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Click on the image below to read and download the article.

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