Get Bag Fit!

Bagging it in Hong Kong and Singapore


We’re excited to be heading to Hong Kong and Singapore to conduct a couple BBS certifications at Pure Fitness, Hong Kong and Singapore’s premier health & fitness clubs. Pure has a commitment to using the best available science to help their people be successful by matching top-of-the-line equipment with highly trained professionals who know how [...]

Martha Stewart Gets on The Bag!

Martha Stewart was vacationing in the Bahamas recently and got her first taste of the bag… Now, Stephen, Ivan and the Bulgarian Bag are making their national television debut tomorrow morning on the Martha Stewart show, live at 10 AM EST! Find out what channel and time it’s on in your area and check out [...]

The Total Warrior: Tactical Training and Winning Mindset Camp

We warrior types need some quality recreation from time to time. We need to recharge our batteries, spend some time in fellowship with our fellow warriors sharing our stories and experiences. We need to provide a little companionship to our families, and make them feel a part of our team. Sometimes it is motivating and inspiring to get together, and put on our learning caps, and pick up some new tools.

Workshop Spotlight: Mountain View Evolution Trainers – A New Spin on Training and Education

Steve demonstrates the Power Snatch at Mountain View Bulgarian Bag Workshop

When you’re used to being in control of the training situation, getting the opportunity to step into a subordinate position during a workshop provides a chance to view from a different perspective how we might approach our training and continuing education.

Oakland, Ca. Workshop

Check out some video from the latest Bulgarian Bag Workshop in Oakland, California

Gracie’s Humaita Girls Team Preparing for the Jiu Jitsu Worlds, June 2011

As June is just around the corner Gracie’s Humaita Girls Team is working with Competitive Performance Strategies to ensure that they are strong, powerful and mentally tough for the upcoming Jiu Jitsu World Championships in Long Beach.  The Gracie Humaita is always the team to beat and with the anchoring of multi World Champion Leticia [...]

Another Successful Spin Test!

Great Performance! One of our London BBS students, Stuart Amory, successfully passed the dreaded “Spin Test” with a time of 3:21. Check his steady tempo and technique leading to awesome test. Congratulations Stuart! Video

Professional Fitness Institute Bulgarian Bag Orientation

Bulgarian Bag Orientation

We will introduce these rookies to one of the most versatile training tools on the planet – the Bulgarian Bag! We’ll be covering basic theory on the bag, as well as hands-on application.

Outstanding Bulgarian Bag Certifications in Hong Kong

We recently returned from conducting two BBS Certifications in Hong Kong hosted by Pure Fitness, the premier luxury fitness lifestyle facilities in Hong Kong and Singapore. Pure presented