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Bulgarian Bag Applications for Tactial and MMA Athletes in Ulta FIT Magazine

Ultra FIT is Australia’s leading magazine for both fitness industry professionals and male & female athletes of all types who are serious about improving their fitness. I recently had the pleasure of having a six-page article published in the July 2011 issue. Check it out here!

Workout Commando-Style with Rob Blair in FHM Magazine

Rob Blair

In this installment, Commando Rob took on London-based video producer Nick Trumble, 33, who was caught in that endless cycle of work/booze/hangover. Feeling feeble and very unhealthy in mind and body, Nick decided to get in shape Commando-style and his transformation is documented in the September 2011 issue of FHM UK.

BFit San Diego Review of the Bulgarian Bag, Part 1

I recently had the opportunity to work with Shay McKelvey.  She’s the founder of BFitSanDiego, and is also an exercise physiologist and registered nurse, and she wanted to go through a Bulgarian Bag workout.  She came to me through a referral from some friends of hers who had worked with me previously.  Naturally, I jumped [...]

The UK Gets Bag Fit! [VIDEOS]

The Bulgarian Bag is quickly becoming a tour de force in the UK and is gaining popularity among a wide range of demographics. Now check out these videos so you can see for yourself who is Getting Bag Fit!

BBS Spotlight on Rob Blair

BBS Spotlight on Rob Blair. Train with a purpose!

Successfully Preparing for the IBBC BBS Certification

Don’t be scared of the Spin Test! Adequate physical preparation will ensure that you successfully complete this physically demanding test.

How the Bulgarian Bag made me one Tough Mudder, Part 2

Getting Bag Fit was the key to my physical transformation.

How the Bulgarian Bag made me one Tough Mudder, Part 1

Getting Bag Fit made me one Tough Mudder!

Gracie’s Humaita Girls Team Preparing for the Jiu Jitsu Worlds, June 2011

As June is just around the corner Gracie’s Humaita Girls Team is working with Competitive Performance Strategies to ensure that they are strong, powerful and mentally tough for the upcoming Jiu Jitsu World Championships in Long Beach.  The Gracie Humaita is always the team to beat and with the anchoring of multi World Champion Leticia [...]

Repairing the Main Handles – Normal Wear and Tear

Field dressing for your war damaged main handles.