Get Bag Fit!

Tiger’s Den MMA Strength and Conditioning – WORKOUTS

Italian BBS Antonio Luchena leads the training at the Tiger’s Den.  They design programs that are specific to the needs of MMA, Grappling, and Combat athletes.  The workouts optimize Strength and Conditioning periodization principles, and daily workouts focus on just one or two specific skills such as: Strength, Power, Strength Endurance, Power and Endurance, or [...]

MMA Strength and Conditioning Workout “Power Endurance”

Power and Endurance Training

BBS Anto Luchena shares a hard-core MMA strength and conditioning workout using a wide variety of modalities, including resistive weights, kettlebells, Bulgarian Bags, bodyweight, sandbags, and more!     POWER ENDURANCE WORKOUT • 4 X 8 X 20/10 Interval Training Double KB Alternating Hang Power Clean (2X16Kg) 20”/10” X 8 Bulgarian Bag Full Moon (17Kg) [...]

Fight Conditioning with Andrew Galvao and Spartan Training Gear: Increasing Anaerobic Capacity

A friend of mine from TacFit, Alberto Gallazzi, who I worked while I was in Italy this summer introduced me to Marc Joseph and Spartan Training Gear.  This amazing training gear  is a lightweight, full-body padded suit designed for use during force-on-force encounters, scenario-replication drills, self-protection and traditional martial arts training. I have been experimenting [...]

Being Prepared for Your Training Session

“Now this is showing up prepared!”

Pyramid Training with the Bulgarian Bag

A-Donna’s Body Sculpt Personal Trainer and BBS Certified Instructor Donna McMullan mixing it up with her favorite training tool, the Bulgarian Bag. Here, Donna demonstrates a proper warm-up and workout using the highly effective Bulgarian Bag.

Workout Commando-Style with Rob Blair in FHM Magazine

Rob Blair

In this installment, Commando Rob took on London-based video producer Nick Trumble, 33, who was caught in that endless cycle of work/booze/hangover. Feeling feeble and very unhealthy in mind and body, Nick decided to get in shape Commando-style and his transformation is documented in the September 2011 issue of FHM UK.

BFit San Diego Review of the Bulgarian Bag, Part 2


Her first date with the Bag was a little rough. Working out with the Bulgarian Bag is like no other workout Shay had experienced. She was expecting to find the moves identical to those used in a Kettlebell workouts, but with a leather bag. Not even close.

Gracie’s Humaita Girls Team: Tough push today!

Tough training day as the girls push forward with only 16 days left!

Hands Free Bulgarian Bag Training

Ever wonder how to use the Bulgarian Bag hands-free. Well here is it! This opens up the movement possibilities by a factor of WOW!

Maintaining Muscle Mass with Bulgarian Bag Training

Steve Power Snatch

I get a lot of comments on my ability to maintain my overall strength and muscle mass while training with the Bulgarian Bag. Here’s how I do it.